Que Bueno!

Introducing queso that earns even more than your respect

White Queso Sauce

A creamy blend of aged white cheddar, green chiles and jalapeño peppers offer the flavor and value customers are willing to pay extra for.

Endless Possibilities Begin Here

Discover all of the ways you can add value across the menu with ¡QUE BUENO! White Queso Sauce.

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¡Que Bueno! Recipes

Loaded Texas Style T-bone

A thick cut T-bone steak is grilled to order and topped with sautéed white onion strips, green bell pepper strips, CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce and finished with a sprinkling of toasted breadcrumbs.

South of the Border Crab Dip

Sautéed diced onion and garlic are combined with CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce, chunks of crab and seasoning; this mixture is placed into an individual baking dish, topped with grated parmesan and baked until golden on top and hot & bubbly in the middle. Sprinkle with fresh chopped cilantro and serve with a variety of fresh fried tortillas.

Multi-Colored Eggs

Two fried eggs, sunny side up, are topped with different colored CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce. One of the sauces has a green color because it is mixed with a cilantro, parsley and spinach concentrated juice and the other sauce has a red color, as it is mixed with a thick tomato puree and a little hot sauce. Both eggs are finished with a quick dollop of sour cream.

Mexican Burger

A house-made black bean burger is served on a classic burger bun that has been slightly toasted for crunchy texture and a warm mouth feel. The patty is topped with grilled red onions and tri-color bell pepper spears, two slices of fresh avocado and finalized with a drizzle of warm, silky CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce which will enclose the flavors of the sandwich with a creamy blanket of melted cheese and topped with a bundle of crispy tortilla strips.

Mexican Tostadas

This is a simple yet fun-to-eat dish. A toasted corn tortilla is topped with a number of layers, each bringing a specific texture and flavor to the build. It begins with some black refried beans, then a pulled protein (can be chicken, beef or pork), followed by a hefty layer of CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce and finished with a heap of pico de gallo and avocado chunks to add color and freshness.

Beer & Chorizo Queso Dip

Spicy ground chorizo is browned in a large pot along with garlic and onions; CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce is added along with a touch of a Mexican beer. Once ordered, this is ladled into a stone style bowl and topped with ground chipotle pepper, pickled jalapeno rings and fresh cilantro leaves. Can be served with pretzel bites, day-old breads, or fresh fried tortilla chips.

Mexican Macaroni & Cheese

Fully cooked thick elbow noodles are cooked and combined with CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® White Queso Sauce, fully cooked chorizo sausage chunks, diced chilies in adobo and corn kernels. Once baked, it’s topped with fresh diced tomato, cilantro and white onion.

Chicken & Corn Queso Soup

Diced mixed-meat chicken is sautéed with onions, peppers, yellow and white corn kernels and garlic, and then combined with CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce and chicken stock. Allowed to simmer until flavors meld, this is served topped with crunchy tortilla strips and a sprinkling of smoked paprika.

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Cups

Muffin tins are lined 1” deep with pastry crust; these are then filled with diced ham, onion, and red bell peppers. Scrambled eggs are poured in. A dollop of CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce is placed in the middle and the cups are baked until set. Once ordered, these are warmed and topped with fresh chopped parsley for delicious breakfast treats that can be enjoyed sitting or on-the-go.

Cheeseburger Empanada

Ground beef is combined with onions, diced pickles, a hint of mustard and CHEF-MATE® ¡QUE BUENO!® Jalapeño Cheese Sauce. This mixture is then wrapped up tightly inside pastry dough in hand pie form, brushed with egg wash, sprinkled with white sesame seeds and baked until golden and delicious. These can be served with a side of ketchup for dipping, and fries to make a basket.